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IPhone 6S vs. iPhone 6S Plus

IPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus? We will help you decide which one of the Apple’s latest Smartphones you should buy. Well we know for a fact that both look good and are two of the best deigned Smartphone on offer right now running with same software and iOs version of 9.5 , but the ultimate question is ‘ which is better?’ 

IPhone 6s vs. iPhone 6s plus: What’s the difference?

Iphone 6S Plus vs. iPhone 6S: Size

  • iPhone 6s Plus: 7.3mm thick in size, series 7000 anodized space grey, aluminum black/Silver/Rose Gold/Gold, 192g.
  • IPhone 6s: 7.1mm thick in size, series 7000 anodized in aluminum black, Pace Grey/Gold/ Silver/ Rose Gold, 143g.

Well as we can see that both the iPhones are identical to each other with just one notable difference and that are their sizes. Just like the last generation, iPhone 6s has a4.7 inched screen while the iPhone 6s Plus a 5.5 inched screen. The iPhone 6s Plus is pretty big for a phone if its screen size. 

Iphone 6S plus vs. iPhone 6S: Screen

  • IPhone 6s Plus: 5.5 inch screen, resolution 1920 x 1080, 3D touch and 401 ppi.
  • IPhone 6s:  4.7 inch screen, resolution 1334 x 750, 3D touch and 326 ppi.

Another big thing to consider when deciding, which one is the best, is the screen itself. Living with a smaller 4.7 inches screen and a 5.5 inched screen are two totally different prospects. Many people find it a better experience to watch videos or play games on a larger screen. There are some amazing pay offs to that extra bulk of aluminum in your pocket in the form of iPhone 6s plus.  The next thing to consider is, how much of digital stuff of you watch on your iPhone? If you’re a big game or Netflix fan, then the iPhone 6s plus will be the best bet for you and will turn into a great entertainment buddy. 

Iphone 6S Plus vs. iPhone 6S: Strength Improvements

Structurally, both the phones are significantly stronger,, however, the iPhone6S Plus became quite a scandal when it was found that that it would slightly bend under meager pressures. However, privately changes were made to the thickening of the new phone and came out twice as strong as before.

Displays –Ingenious or falling behind?

Another factor where both the iPhones are receiving criticism is their screens as the resolutions remain unchanged.  This does not matter on a larger scale as the iphone 6S still has a lesser pixel density of 4k ‘HD’ resolution on a laptop as compared to iphone 6S Plus that has higher pixel density greater than 4K ‘ultra HD’ resolution in an eleven inched laptop screen.

Who is the winner?

Ultimately it comes down to iPhone 6S Plus as the winner because it noticeably has larger screen and higher pixels density as compared to iphone 6S giving the users a better experience when watching videos or games on the big screen with the added optimal image stabilization feature that allows it users to take clear photos by eliminating the blur caused by simple hand movements. 

Ipad pro vs. ipad air 2 vs. ipad mini 4

Since the launch of the first ipad back in 2010, the multinational company Apple has dominated the field of tablets, launching some great models every year. Apple is now all set to launch its latest line of ipad’s and many consumers are confused about which one is the best for them. Apple ipad Pro, ipad air 2, and ipad mini 4 are the three different types of ipad available in the market. Ipad pro is known to be the most powerful tablet of all times but normal users doesn’t require so much oomph in their smart devices. So which one should you pick? Read our comparison guide to select the right one for you! Apple’s ipads come in three sizes with the pro being the largest, ipad air – medium, and the mini – the smallest version. But they all share the same sleek rounded metal bodies with glass displays.

Ipad Pro:

The ipad pro was recently launched and comes with a large 12.9 inch LED backlit, multi touch display with a resolution of 2732X2048 and pixel of 264 ppi. The new A9X chip with 64-bit architecture provides faster graphic and CPU performance than the A7 chip found in the previously released models. Apple has also claimed that the new processor is 80 times faster than their portable computers.

Ipad air:

The ipad air 2 has a 9.7 inch LED backlit, multi-touch display with a resolution of 2048 X 1536 at 264 ppi. The ipad air comes with A8X chip and 64-bit architecture providing 1.4 faster CPU and 2.5 faster graphic performances than the A7 chip.

Ipad mini:

The ipad mini has the best looking screen than any ipad and offers similar performance and functionality as the ipad air. The ipad mini 4 is small and weights 298.8 grams. It offers the same screen resolution as the ipad air but since the screen size is smaller, it provides more detailed images.


All three tablets come with a 1.2 mega pixel Face Time HD camera with 720 p video. They all feature an 8-megapixel iSight camera with features such as auto focus, backside illumination; face detection, five-element lens, hybrid IR filter, HDR panorama, burst mode, and much more. They can all shoot 1080 p HD videos and also allows the users to tap to focus while in record mode.


The ipad pro version of the ipad comes with 128 and 32 GB variants while the ipad mini and ipad air offer 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB models.


The ipad pro’s cheapest model is available for $799 and can go as high as $1079 depending on the size and features. The ipad air 2 is available for $499, $599, $699 and ipad mini 4 is available for $399, $499, and $599 for 16 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB models respectively.


All three ipads feature many similarities in terms of camera, size, battery life (10 hours), connectivity, etc but the similarities end at the display, processor and most important – the price. The selection of which ipad to buy depends on how much money you are willing to spend and how portable you want your table to be. The ipad pro can be big for some users while many may find the mini too small. Of course, the pro certainly comes to the top, according to many experts. But your individual preference, budget, and needs depend on your choice. Do let us know which one will you buy?

iOs 9.1 update is here! Here’s everything you should know before installing!

iOs 9.1 update is here! Here’s everything you should know before installing!

Apple recently released its Apple’s iPhone 6 iOs 9.1 update. The new operating system bought a lot of bug fixes and more than 150 new emojis to the phone’s keyboard .it is considered as one of the most important updates for the iphone 6 and critics and experts of the smart devices are taking a careful look at the performance of the smartphone after the update has been installed.

The new update’s primary focus is on the 5 most important areas of the operating system – battery life, connectivity, bugs and problems, apps, and speed.

Some of the best features of the update include:

  • Live photos which can now sense when you raise or lower your phone. This feature is useful as the live photos will now be unable to automatically record these movements.
  • Over 150 new emoji characters with full support for Unicode 7.0 and 8.0 emojis.
  • New features and updates for the new Apple products.


Here are some other features (both –good and bad) to consider before upgrading to iOs 9.1:

  • No longer degrading to 9.2: Apple has stopped signing off on iOs 9.2 update so if you install 9.1 - you are stuck with it.
  • No more annoying iOs 9 problems: The iOs 9 update bought many problems for the users of iPhone, iPad but the latest update is all set to fix these issues. Some of the problems being fixed by the iOs 9.1 update include:
    • Improves performance while multitasking
    • Improves stability while using Apps
    • Fixes the calendar issue where it became irresponsive
    • Fixes the Game Center problems that prevented some users from launching the app
    • Fixed the automatic zoom in apps
    • Fixed the unread email count problem
    • Fixed the issue that some users were experiencing when searching for a specific email
    • Fixed the issue of the gray bar appearing on the audio message body
    • Fixed the activation problem that many carriers were experiencing
    • Fixed the auto update issue of some apps
  • iOs 9 App support: Most developers including Instagram and facebook are rolling out support updates for the iOs 9.1. For those of you who are experiencing problems with some apps, try updating the apps for more stability.
  • There are problems: which software comes without problems. Many users are complaining about the new update on Apple’s forum which includes abnormal battery drainage, connectivity issues, problems with IMessages, and problems with certain apps including Apple music. However, there are fixes available for many of these problems but you should do the research before installing.
  • Siri is now smarter: This may be one of the coolest features of the update. Now you can teach Siri to recognize your voice and not anyone else’s.


Should you install the update?

It depends on your particular situation. If you are having problems with the iOs 9 update, then it is worth installing the new update as the 9.01 version comes with many patches for the issues. However, if you are ok with your current operating system – then it’s better to wait and watch. Apple is planning to launch another iOs update in the next coming month.